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Our Story

Our Heritage

The company began humbly in a family home in 1980, as a way of meeting means, without the dream of what was to be one of the greatest success story of indigenous Caribbean spice blend and condiment production.

The inception of the idea of Chatak Food Products Limited, was founded by Mr. & Mrs. Sankar Ramnarine and carried forth by the blossoming family into a thriving business of ingenious Trinbagonian food products with inspiration derived from the rich history and cultural aspects of the nation in which it was conceived. As the company grew in both scale and operation, a factory was established in 1991.from which operations continue today. The growth curve on a steady incline, turned a new leaf for the company, changing the dynamic of operation from manual to mechanical operation as Caribbean, American and Canadian markets opened for export of consolidated containers of our signature spices and condiments.

Chatak Food Products Limited stands today as a trusted supplier in authentic Trinidadian curries and other spice mixes, hot sauces and gourmet Caribbean condiments. Facing fierce competition in our range of epicurean Caribbean flavors, we are fully confident in moving forward. At our company, product development and continuous advancement in modern manufacturing practices are standards we aim in upholding. Management and staff value the importance of hard work and in providing excellent service and competitive prices to all our customers.

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Who are we 

Chatak Food Products is a family run company well-established, and has developed long-standing loyalty amongst its customers through its signature traditional flavours and uniquely created products. 

High quality and fresh produce are essential ingredients in all our trademark products. Throughout Trinidad and Tobago, we are favoured for the homemade taste to our products.

Our company has acquired distributorship from various companies around the world with a wide variety of commodities imported from the Eastern World and Europe.

We continue to expand our line with progressive research and development with both regional and international markets in mind.

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What we aim to achieve

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